How people celebrate christmas all around the world

We can say some common things on christmas and it does not matter in the geographical point in which we are. Almost all the Christmas celebrations coincide with the process of the decoration the house, go shopping, reception of gifts, the dinners with family, the exits to malls or tracks of ice, trips to the snow for the luckiest, etc.

But there are customs or traditions thar only happens in some places. For it, if you decide to spend the next holidays in other country, we tell you how people celebrated these dates. With this information you could choose what option is the best for you.

  • In San Fernando’s city, in The Philippines,  the » Capital of tChristmas » celebrates the festival of the giant Chinese lanterns. In this festivity there are constructed Chinese lanterns of diverse sizes and materials, and a great rivalry exists between the participants for sees the one who carries out the best. Former they them were doing with paper of hapon, which is in use for the papiroflexia, together with a candle that was contributing light.
  • Gavle, in Sweden, chooses to put a goat of 13 meters in the center of the square of the castle from 1966. This tradition has generated other one with her that is to light fire to the goat, in his years of history it has managed to carry out in 26 occasions. The last one in 2013.
  • n Japan they are not very given to the celebration of the navidad but in the last years if that has caught habitually that during these dates sups on food of the acquaintance Kentucky Fried Chicken. In fact the company extracts a special menu for these dates.
  • For rare traditions that of Norway. To hide, you sweep, yes yes, since you read it. This custom goes back when one was thinking that the witches and the bad spirits were appearing in these dates with the intention of finding brooms with which to fly.

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