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Make the day even more special with the most personal and personalised letter from Father Christmas. Get one at home in 3 simple steps:

Get a letter from Father Christmas now with your 2024 personalised letter!

Santa Claus letters - Letters from Santa 2023



How would you have reacted if you had known that not only did Father Christmas read your letter, but he also answered it? This year, you have the chance to see how your child will react to this unique situation.


We want your child to have a special day and to remember this most magical Christmas. To make this possible, we ask for certain information that only Father Christmas could now, and when you provide it to us, we make sure that the letter is as personalised as possible so your child will be dazzled.


Be our accomplice in making this special gift. But it’s important that you keep Father Christmas’s secret so it will be much more exciting when the letter reaches home.

If for any reason you have any incident or problem with your letter, or if you are not fully satisfied with it, please contact us immediately.


If this happens, you will have to return the letter to us within 20 days  from its original shipment. Please provide your shipping number so that you can be reimbursed for the letter.

Satisfaction guaranteed


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Our webpage arose from the need to create excitement in children. By making letters that are fully customised to each child with the help of Father Christmas, we respond to children who have behaved well during the year in order to draw smiles from them.

Since this is a special gift that children will remember their entire lives, our letter is written in such a way that it will last over time. If you are curious to see their reaction when they receive their letter from Father Christmas, too, be our accomplice by telling us things about your child and keep the secret.

Our letters will be sent in a totally customised, realistic envelope so that children get excited just to read it. No one could be disappointed with a Christmas gift like this! Join this new experience of enhancing your child’s Christmas.


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