Christmas dinners around the world

Christmas is approaching and with them a series of important decisions to make. One of them is the menu. It is hard to decide which dishes will be liked each year. We always want to surprise the family with new flavors but sometimes it is good to keep some traditions.

In today’s article we are going to tell you about the typical foods of other countries so you can take some ideas.

– Barbecue, New Zealand: In some places they decide not to dedicate many hours to the kitchen and opt for a simple and fast dish. The barbecue is an easy meal to prepare. You only need a grill, meat and a brave man willing to face the cold to prepare a great dinner.

– Bacalao, Portugal: although we are more accustomed to meat as a main course, in Portugal they prefer fish, and especially cod. Its cooking must be appropriate, such as in tomato sauce or baked, as it is a salted fish.

– Julbord, Sweden: is the name given to the Christmas table in this country. It usually consists of the same dishes, as are usually herrings, liver pate, potatoes cooked in different ways, salads or purées.

– Joulupöytä, Finland: another country that decides to name its Christmas table. Here the protagonists are very different. Some of them are roasted ham or gravlax, a vegetable stew cooked with milk, spices, flour or rice. All these ingredients are put together in a box and cooked in the oven.

– Bûche de Noël, France: desserts also deserve an important space in the menus. The most outstanding is a funky cake, filled with cream and covered with chocolate. It is usually decorated with icing sugar and some small Christmas decorations.

– Roscón de Reyes, Spain: a sweet made for the sweet tooth. In this country it is typical to make an oval-shaped sponge cake filled with cream, chocolate or cream. It is characterized by carrying inside a gift that is usually a small figure or a bean. The one who finds the gift becomes the king of the holidays, but whoever finds the bean will have to pay for the roscón.

– Tail monkey, Chile: alcoholic beverages are also part of the traditions. In Chile they make a very curious one with brandy, coffee, milk and sugar. We have no doubt that after one of these cocktails you will be able to enjoy the rest of the night.

The choices of the menu are very varied. Just as there are people who choose to follow traditions, such as cooking the same dishes or dining at home, there are those who decide to go out and be surprised. Despite this it is important to remember that the beauty of these dates is to spend with the family, no matter where, but do it together.


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