Activities that you can do with your children in holidays

Christmas comes and with her a lot of free time to spend it with the smallest. There are numerous activities  to do in these dates, but in occasions the time can put in ours against and to cancel the plans. As  it is necessary to have a ready long billiard cue of things that we will be able to do in house with the smallest, since they have more energy great that the major ones and, are going to allow you not even an alone rest.

Today we propose you games and activities that to realize in house:

  • Create a fort with stuff of your house. You can use the material that you have in house as sheets, blankets or cushions; or to choose to buy in toy stores constructions that allow your children create the game that they want, and later to cover it with a sheet and to have the whole intimacy that they want.
  • To ways for the house with adhesive tape that they will be the links to come to the «safety platforms», zones biggers than the others to which it will be necessary to come for the ways before the monsters come. It adds difficulties as spaces in which there should no be way in order that there is more amusement. You can be a monster, which will be out of the way and, or a survivor. You take charge putting the rules of the game.
  • Do crafts, since they can be puppets with old socks, balls desestresantes with stuffed globes of rice or flour, masks with hygienic paper or of newspaper, tail and water that they could paint later or do the first pinitos in the papiroflexia.
  • Board games that entertain you, entertain and in those who are invested time. For example you can do to you with the game of letters one, due to the fact that it has colors and numbers it is allowed that almost all the members of to family could take part; the twister, one of the most mythical games in family to spend a good moment; the bingo, you can bring into play things that know that your children like as some type of food or activity.
  • Create an album of photos personalized with cardboards and threads of colors that help to join the pages. Choose the most special or recent photos that you have and add drawings or comments in the leaves of this day to be able to recall it some years later.
  • For this activity you will have to write in paper things that could make up in the face of others since it can be a clown or a cat. Use waxes manley since his painting is easy to withdraw later. Cover the eyes of the person who is going to paint other one in order that the result is furthermore enterteining.

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