The best Christmas markets in the world

In the absence of a month for Christmas, many countries have already kicked off this holiday with the first steps of Christmas decoration in its streets with lights or Christmas trees, which makes us start to invade the Christmas spirit and we want to decorate our home as soon as possible.

To do this, when these dates are approaching, many countries decide to open, in their most emblematic streets and squares, those known worldwide as Christmas markets.

These markets consist of many small wooden huts, coupled to each other, in which many merchants display products related to Christmas, whether ornaments or typical food of these dates for visitors to buy these products, the vast majority You can only find them here because they are pieces of crafts or homemade sweets.

Likewise, over the years, these markets have been increasing in size and have been improving their decoration, both light and ornaments, creating almost parallel worlds thanks to a unique environment. The better these markets are, and the more visitors they have, the more famous they have become.

Therefore, it has generated a list of the best Christmas markets worldwide that everyone wants to visit at least once in their life. If you love Christmas and you love to travel, take note of our list:

1. Market of Montreal, Canada: We start our list with the Great Christmas Market of Montreal. Here we can find a place specially designed for the fun of the smallest of the house. An essential visit if you travel to the North American country on these dates.

2. Market of Vienna, Austria: In this beautiful one joins to his spectacular patrimony the lights, the tracks of ice in these dates and a spectacular flea market with a unique decoration. The first market of the Austrian capital was assembled approximately in the year 1298, being so popular that it extended to the rest of the world.

3. Flea market in Strasbourg, France: The city known as the location of the European Court, Strasbourg is a city that seems to live Christmas all year, but, no doubt, when these dates are approaching, they set up the Christmas market that counts with the accreditation of being one of the oldest in the Continent, specifically in the year 1577 approximately is from when the first flea market dates. So, it’s a wonderful place full of lights, a big Christmas tree and many bright stalls everywhere for your Christmas shopping.

4. Market of Brussels, Belgium: This market is also known as one of the most beautiful in Europe, which is not only located in one part of the city, but extends to many streets and squares, all decorated exquisitely

5. Market of Cape Town, South Africa: Being used to imagine Christmas and Christmas markets with cold and snow, it is appreciated that some city, such as Cape Town, celebrate its Christmas in the middle of summer. It is worth discovering its markets where you can find jewelry, gifts, ethnic products, etc.

6. Tallinn Market, Estonia: This small country is getting more and more visitors during the Christmas season due to its snowy markets that transport you to a fairy tale. It is worth going to this country that seems to have a perpetual Christmas.


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